Youth Soccer Camp

Punjab Warriors soccer camp is the biggest soccer camp in Punjabi community in Edmonton. 300+ kids (4-14 years of age) register with us every year which started in first 2017.

This camp is desgined to provide platform for the new to intermediate players. We have specialy designed this camp to provide basic soccer skills so players can go on to more competive soccer such as league soccer and acadmies. We hire qualified coaches and our elite players from our mens team voluteer for the coaching. Training level, coaching level and value for time at the camp is unparralel to any other similar camp and that's why many of our players at the camp are returning players. 

Registration for the camp


Online registration will start in January 2020 for the year 2020 camp. Details will be posted here. 

Camp dates

Year 2020 camp will run from May 10th to June 28th